Industrial Building Construction

Every Building goes through test of time. Construction and designing of industries be it large or small requires careful consideration and adoption of proper techniques, cutting edge technology and best of all the available resources.

Bhagwati Buildcon is one of the leading companies in industrial construction. With specialization in development, design and planning of wide range of industrial infrastructuresaving time and money for our clients.

Our Expertise in proper management and relocation of resources helps our client in cutting costs and get the best out of it.Right from the get go be it in creating design plans or executing them according to the client’s preference and budget, the team at BhagwatiBuildcon as one of the best Industrial Construction Company In Jaipur is always ready to face any challenges necessary.

One of the biggest misconceptions about construction industry is it’s just about building houses but the reality is that there are several different types of construction and one of them is Industrial Construction.

The two most significant categories of construction are Commercial and Industrial Construction and although similar they are completely different. Industrial construction is a type which basically as the name suggests deals with construction of business that provides their clients with manufactured goods, such as Manufacturing Plants, Power Plants, Solar Wind Farms, Oil Refineries are some of its examples.


Some of the key points that differentiate the industrial buildings from residential ones are.

  • The base of these buildings is designed for much heavier loads than residential buildings with loads ranging from 450 to 1,500 Kilograms/Sq. Meter.
  • Steel is one of the major structural materials during the construction of these buildings because of its strong and stiff nature and relative inexpensiveness. Steel is also easy to fabricate and erect hence saving precious construction which is essential on tight deadline projects.
  • Flooring and finishes in these constructions are designed to stand any king rough conditions that they may be exposed to and durable and easy to clean.
  • In the interior elements the most important is Life Safety System which ensures safety and ease in evacuation during emergencies and during regular operations. Some Examples of this system includes Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Automatic Sprinklers etc.

Some Examples of the Different Industrial Properties Include:

  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers Which are basically large space structure used to storage and distribution of the stock.
  • Manufacturing Plants and Factories are well designed facilities for specialized equipment which are used in manufacturing goods and products.
  • Refrigeration and Cold Storage Facilities are kind of industrial property that specializes in large capacity of cold storages which are mainly used in storage of consumables and perishable products. These infrastructures need specialized refrigeration equipment and need to follow strict specifications.
  • With rapid growth in technology the need in off-site data storage facilities has increased giving rise to Data Housing Centers which are usually purpose built and meets the client very specific needs.
  • Flex Buildings are one of the most flexible type on infrastructure and has very wide range of uses. Most Flex Buildings are designed to be multipurpose but some like laboratories and biotech buildings needs to follow strict specifications.

We value our clientele and our employees providing them with safe environment. Providing our clients with new ideas and innovative tips which can make their project much more successful, all that and also keeping attention to the details small and big to save time and money.

Some Benefits of choosing

  • Reduction in overall operational Costs.
  • Increase in efficiency and Quality.
  • Dedicated Employees & non-stop Innovation