Residential/Multi Story Construction

Bhagwati Buildcon offers a wide range of services including commercial and residential construction so what is the difference between them. Residential construction basically means building, alteration, repair, improvement of building where people live. Some basic forms of residential infrastructure consist of Apartments, Houses and other homes.

Bhagwati Buildcon offers you with professional staff for your construction needs and take care of your dream project to give them the shape that can satisfy you.

We take charge from the get go and help you in planning, designing, construction and giving tips for better shaping of your dream project. Being amogn the best Residential and Multi-Story Construction Company in Jaipur Bhagwati Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. provides professional project managers who are experts in defining objectives, determining timelines, establishing performance standards and looking at feasibility/budget of the project.

For every project some factors play a vital role in their success and for residential constructions human factor is the most important one. Residential buildings and houses reflect their owner’s personality so the preference of the owner is most important during their construction.

Bhagwati Buildcon understands that we are building a legacy for our clientele so we equip modern and state of the art techniques to attain these goals and preferences specified to us then translate them into valid and reasonable projects.

With us you can be assured that construction of your dream house is in safe hands and will come out better with our expertise. You will most certainly be happy with our expert’s flexibility, knowledge, communication and principals.

Some of the most common types of residential construction are:

  • Single Family Homes
  • Condominiums
  • Townhouse
  • Multi-Family Homes