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Yet Another Missed Deadline for Sodala Elevated Road

The construction of the elevated road in Sodala Jaipur has been going on for about five years now and has till now missed many deadlines. The launching for the segments over the railway line was supposed to be completed by this month but yet another deadline has been missed for the project. But Our Company is One of The Best Construction Company In Jaipur We Deleiver All Our Work Projects On Time You can Check In Our Portfolio 

According to the various sources the delay is due to financial difficulties of the company who is in charge of the project. The work seems to have started again after the involvement of JDA. A Senior Engineer on the project has stated that out of 113, 101 segments have been launched by JDA. The authorities have given surety to the vendors of the company regarding the payment.
The residents of the area have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding the slow progress and complained about the problem faced during the construction.

One of the daily commuters, Rama Jain, mentioned that there are three bottlenecks between Ambedkar Circle and Sodala which causes traffic jams in the area. The construction is the cause of these bottlenecks and since it has been going on for 5 years now people have gotten used to it.

The officials have stated that taking strict actions against the company in charge is not the solution and will only result in increased construction time. Strict actions may result in the contract being terminated hence resulting in lots of legal entanglement. They have also said that they are taking the middle ground since 95% of the work is almost complete.

According to the survey of 2011, about 7,135 Passenger Car Units passes on the Bhawani Singh Road per hour which is around 1,992 more from its original capacity of 5,143. The situation is almost same for Hawa Sadak too with 10,335 PCUs instead of 6,361 Original Capacity. The maximum speed of traffic for this stretch is 17KmPH which is expected to reach 60 KmPH after the completion of the elevated road.

Four ramps are expected to be constructed for ascending and descending the elevated road and after completion the commute time to Ajmer Road via Hawa Sadak will be only 10 Minutes.